Podcast #11

Carla Horwitz spends her time teaching undergraduates about child development and directing one of the nation’s premiere early child care centers: the Calvin Hill Day Care Center and Kitty Lustman-Findling Kindergarten. In our conversation we talk about how these two jobs overlap, the importance of quality early education, and how college classrooms should be places for creativity and play.

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

2:27 What happens at the Child Study Center

4:20 Anna Freud at Yale

6:44 Balancing rules and wiggle room

12:34 We think about education as nurturing, but that’s not the same as hugging people all the time.

13:42 “Disequilibrium is the way that people learn. It can’t feel good all the time.”

15:30 How do you incorporate the values and lessons of progressive education in your Yale classes?

16:20 Using materials to explore and express a problem. “grim and joyless places with cookie-cutter artwork” vs. having a beautiful place to learn

20:14 Progressive education: “It takes longer, and it’s messier, but they own it.”

23:30 Making emotion a part of education. Executive function taught through play.

26:50 “It annoys them that we don’t spend the whole class talking about the reading.”

28:05 “This was the most meaningful class I had at Yale.”

31:23 Helping students do experiential and practical work while guided by theory

32:39 What kind of students study child development?

35:21 “Education is a trade.”

39:00 “I’m gonna be a better parent.” Bring this knowledge to your community.

40:08 Teaching with your disciplinary equipment.

41:28 Learning at Sarah Lawrence College was experiential and demanding.

42:31 Re-inventing progressive education. “We were going to change the world.”

43:44 Urban education: “I don’t care what you do in your classroom, just line ‘em up quietly in the hall.”

46:16 What should be different about teaching college students and three-year-olds?

48:00 How international students are different at Yale. Knowing how to be wrong and to play.

51:57 What to do about students who don’t do the work. Learning how to learn.

54:48 Learning how to observe.

57:10 Learning is not just cognitive. You can’t compartmentalize–but we do.